Friday, November 19, 2010

New work IN PROGRESS - Kids on Wheels Series

People often ask where my ideas or inspiration come from. Well, many different things spark my creative spirit and my imagination. For instance, the skates below that I found in a second hand store struck a note and I knew I wanted to make a sculpture incorporating them. Then I thought I could expand it to a series of "kids" on wheels since I had an old wooden scooter that I purchased many years ago, and a bicycle fender that could be turned into some sort of vehicle. I got to work and did some drawings of possible sculptures.

Below is the work in progress using the skates. This sculpture will also include a dog on a skate board. I'm also doing a painting of this work. I've shown the very start of this with the underpainting. I usually don't show my work in such early stages, but I thought it might be fun to document the process - more or less.

The finished works will all look very different!!! Stay tuned...