Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Happening Lately

Holidays have come and gone, thank goodness.  I've been spending time working on a number of different things, but of course haven't taken pictures - duh!  Will try to catch up this week and bring my paintings and sculpture up to date.  

Today I assembled a "natural" sculpture.  Most of the credit goes to Mother Nature or the mommy robin that created the wonderful nest which I have augmented with a branch and attached to a metal stand.  The nest even contains the remains of the eggshell from which the new baby bird popped.  The nest itself is well constructed for mud, twigs, ginko leaves and long strands of wild onion.  When the nest was fresh, the wild onion hung like ribbons with white flowers on the ends.  They made for a lovely bridal suite/nursery.   This nest is one many that I have found in the the trees and bushes in my garden, and have since preserved.

This piece will be available for purchase this weekend at Room With A Past in Walnut Creek.  Check out their website.

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